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April 5th - Message From Garth
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Greetings, pilgrim. I am Garth Marenghi, sculptor of nightmares. I hope you are sitting un-comfortably at your pc / laptop. Congrats: you have unearthed the official website of my imaginata. As many of my readership can attest, I invented the internet back in 1976 with my short story 'Mindgrid'. Many of my predictions, alas, have since borne sorry fruit, and I, too, have spent many troubled hours distracted by erotica. However, the opportunity to revolutionise man's communication with man (and it is generally men) demands that, finalement, this luddite throw his full weight webwards. With a vengeance.

So hold fast, friend, and savour the dark things you are about to uncover. For does not that mouse under your hand feel more like a rat?

I remain,
Your humble fabulist,